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Its not just starting a conversation around Mind Health’, we dig deep.

Workshop areas of interest are tailored to your requirements starting with the Core’ Essentials or Deep Dive Workshop. In addition to this we work with your team, and through getting to know your team select and integrate Expert in their Field that your organisation needs more education on.

Invigor Mind Health Workshops

Invigor Wellbeing workshops are a key step to building a Culture of Care’ within your business, organisation or community. Our real-experience speakers encourage reflection, participation and commitment, and inspire attendees to discover more about how to build better mind and physical wellbeing.

Workshop options include a 2 hour Deep Dive session, or our fast-tracked 30 minute Essentials workshop.

Participants learn how to…

  • 1

    Spot Poor Mind Health

    Spot the signs that a mate might not be feeling so great

  • 2

    Tips & Tools

    Use and hear tips and tools to improve mind and physical health

  • 3

    Asking R u OK

    Discover ways to intervene when someone close is struggling

  • 4

    Resources for help

    Access company and community resources for support and help

  • 5

    Early Intervention Tips

    Understand the importance of early intervention

  • 6

    Resilience Building

    A deeper understanding and appreciation of how to build and maintain resilience

Delivered face-to-face or live streamed online, workshops make a powerful communication channel that will help maximise the effectiveness of your mind health initiatives.

Workshops – by Experts in their Fields’

Our Experts are engaged to re-energise the Mind Health Program by
delivering tailored motivating talks on subjects relevent to you and your team. They support team building days by sharing an amazing story or advice that in some cases will change peoples lives.

These are high impact 45 minute sessions followed by an open Q&A session designed to enable attendees to take away key learnings. These workshops are the perfect complement to company reward and recognition days.

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Making a difference

What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

The Invigor Wellbeing program is brilliant! I like to explain their support for our people as ‘taking your mind to the gym’. The feedback from the Toyota team was fantastic.
Trevor Greer — Toyota Australia

Find out more about who we’ve partnered with and hear about the difference we’ve made.

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