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  • Help your GP help you

    Our tool to help you openly and honestly communicate with your GP, to describe how your thinking, feeling and behaving.

  • Mind Health Action Plan

    Complete this plan now, so you're ready to deal with any times you're feeling anxious or stressed. 

  • How to use the Lifeback Tracker App

    Watch this quick, 2 minute video which walks you through how to use the Lifeback Tracker App.

  • Spot the 7 Signs

    Learn how spotting 3 or 4 of the following signs can mean someone might be struggling with poor mind health.

Lifeback tracker

Wellbeing App

Our mobile app, The Lifeback Tracker, helps you track, measure, analyse and encourages you to act on the four key steps to better mind and physical health.

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  1. Talk
  2. Exercise
  3. Drinking & drugs
  4. Sleep