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Regional Wellbeing

We know the importance of encouraging better mind and physical health to country and regional Australians — while also looking out for their mates.

Invigor Wellbeing works closely with government and public agencies to bring our proven content and our expert speakers beyond our cities.

Regional Wellbeing events
educate attendees on…

  • 1

    How to take four key steps to better mind health

  • 2

    Ways to spot the signs in others when they’re not doing well

  • 3

    Where and how to access local community resources to help get back on track mindly

  • 4

    Instant inspiration to help improve your own physical and mind health

Delivered face-to-face, live streamed online, or shared via pre-recorded video, presentations make a powerful communication channel that will help maximise the effectiveness of your communitie’s mind and physical health.

  • Face-to-face
  • Livestream
  • Online
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Our Regional Wellbeing events deliver powerful stories that equip communities with insights and tools to treat mind and physical health equally.

It’s an event that encourages audience members to reflect on their mind health and
wellbeing. It’s also a forum that brings everyone together as a community to learn how they can help prevent the loss of life of a family member, workmate, friend or neighbour.

Often prefaced by a sociable barbeque, Rural Wellbeing events can be formatted as a half hour talk, or with two inspirational speakers. We conclude with a Q&A session, which we’re happy to extend as long as the audience have questions to ask.

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