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Mind Health Champions

It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that matters. Mind Health Champions play a crucial role in making it real’, with impactful cut through.

The Mind Health Champions are individuals and leaders in our community who are willing to share times in their life when things’ didn’t go to plan’, and importantly, share the 3 things they did to get their life back on track – defining moments that shaped their futures.

Here are just a sample…

Graeme Goodings

TV Personality

Graeme enjoyed a stellar 20 year career with Channel 7, reporting on some of the biggest stories in the world until a sudden moment in 2004 turned his life upside down. After enjoying a fabulous job and having just the most beautiful family without a care in the world, in the stroke of one moment, Graeme was wondering whether he would live to see his children grow up. He talks openly through his battle with a life-threatening illness, and the steps he took to better his chances of survival.

Andrew 'Cosi' Costello

Radio and TV Personality

Radio Personality, South Aussie with Cosi TV Presenter is a positive guy, who lives by the motto ‘It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that matters’. Cosi shares some of his most challenging moments, but more importantly how he over those ‘hurdles and challenge’s. In his ‘eyebrows up’ approach to life, this guy's uncanny ability to relate to everybody is his special talent.

Wayne Phillips

Australian Test Cricketer, TV Sports Personality

One of Australia’s most exciting Test Cricketers, from the heights of playing for his country representing the sport he loved, cricket, Wayne openly shares the 3 life’s ups and downs that had an impact on his own mind and physical wellbeing. Wayne shares his enlightening road back to recovery in his own vulnerable and amiable style.

John Maguire

Media Professional, Beyond Blue Ambassador

John is your typical everyday Aussie bloke, with a passion for 4W-Driving and just about everything outdoor, it wasn’t until his later years that depression hit him when those close could see he was struggling. Fast forward to today and John is a proud Beyond Blue Ambassador who has spoken to over 10,000 people about how he worked through his ‘emotions’, cleared his mind and slowed everything down in his quest to become happier. Healthier.

Katrina Webb AOM

Paralympian Gold Medallist

It was through the rise to become a Gold Medallist representing Australia that Paralympian, Katrina Webb discovered and worked through her significant life challenge. It was someone close in her life at that time that made her look at the challenge in a completely positive way. Katrinas story is enlightening and is one that gives everybody the inspiration they need to live by ‘It's not what happens to you, it's what you do about it that matters’. Katrina shares very simple, yet effective steps she took to get her mind health back on track.

Brendan Le Var

Architect, Cancer Survivor

We never know what life will throw at us, it’s within this Invigor Mind Health Champions story that this statement rings true. Nothing is Brendan’s 20 years full of living life would prepare him for one moment in July 2019 that would change his life forever. His story that must be heard to be believed and is one that is proof that the smallest things in life can flip our world upside down in a second. Brendan’s story is proof that the human spirit has an uncanny knack of ‘righting itself’ no matter what life throws the hurdles at us. In his short powerful videos, Brendan shares very simple, yet effective steps she took to get her mind health back on track.

Stephen Cain

CEO and Founder - Empathy Not Sympathy

Stephen Cain has come from gutter to glory. 15 years ago, after spending 20 years in prison for drug and alcohol charges, he was unemployed, living under a bridge in Salisbury and collected 5c cans from rubbish bins for income. Now, Stephen has a successful business, is happily married and has three gorgeous children. He has worked with over 5000 people through his business, Empathy Not Sympathy, where he shares the three powerful actions that helped him get his life back from the brink.

Peter Stewart

Chief Executive Officer - PQSA

Peter Stewart knows a thing or two about 'living your potential'... as the CEO of ParaQuad South Australia, he has to carry a burden of responsibility for the difficult physical and emotional responsibility of his clients and carers. Having suffered his own life challenges along the way, Peter gives us an insight into how he 'took control' of his life and the tools with which he did it. Knowing that life is always going to throw hurdles in your way, Peter provides a very real insight into how to turn some of those hurdles into opportunities.

Making a difference

What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

In the days after the Invigor Wellbeing presentation, our staff had many lunchroom conversations about mental health that we weren’t having before. It was a very practical way to highlight the need to find trusted confidantes to talk about how they are feeling.
Neil Duggan — Dulux

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