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Experts in their Field

Our Experts are engaged to re-energise the Mind Health Program by delivering tailored motivating talks on subjects relevant to you and your team.

They support team building days by sharing an amazing story or advice that in some cases will change peoples lives.

Here are just some of our Experts…

Sam doyle 2

Sam Doyle
Sleep Expert

Sam Doyle has had over 25 year’s experience working across medical industry sector, working with thousands of people with a goal to improve their sleep. Getting a decent night sleep is way more important than what we think. We know that we feel ‘so much better’ after we have had four- or five-night’s sleep under our belt, but just hoping for this not enough, we must take charge of our situation and commit to taking the necessary steps to achieve better hygiene.

Sam will walk you through what sleep is, how great sleep aids our health and wellbeing and the common lumps and bumps that people have in relation to their sleep. Sam will share her tips to achieving a great night sleep and talk about the signs that you may need to ‘call in the cavalry’ for help, and where you might go to get help.

Nicole james

Nicole James
Nutrition & Gut Health

Nicole James is an expert in the field of nutrition. She has over 20 years’ experience in the medical and health industry. Nicole is passionate about educating people on the importance of understanding what you are eating and the benefits of nutrition for improving health and preventing disease. Audiences will leave educated about food and the role it plays in living a happier, healthier life.

Sarah reimann

Sarah Reimann
Financial Fitness

Sarah Reimann has spent over 15 years as a business owner, consultant and qualified accountant. Sarah is well positioned to offer a deep understanding around creating wealth and freedom and explain the fundamentals to building a healthy financial and emotional mindset around money.

Sarah will give insight into how our relationship with money is directly linked to our relationship with ourselves, our self-worth and our self-talk. She will break down the myths surrounding purchasing guilt, comparison with others and saving with confidence.

Derek mcmanus

Derrick McManus
Human Resilience and Durability

Derrick McManus, a Star Force / ex-Police Officer who was shot 14 times with a high-powered rifle and left lying on the ground for 3-hours before rescue. It certainly changed his life forever. He knows what it means to have unwanted change thrown upon him. He knows, and trains other people, how to manage sudden, uncomfortable and unwanted change to create an outcome by design rather than just hoping for the best. His story, his aptitude for relating to any audience and his ability to break down complexity and make it simple, has everyone capture from start to finish.

Brendan le var

Brendan Le Var
Lived Experience

With over 20 years’ experience in the professional white collar world of Architecture, Brendan is one of the most positive people you will ever meet. It was one moment in July 2019 that would change Brendan’s life forever. A story that must be heard to be believed, this is one of those unexpected stories of how delicate our life is and how the smallest things have the ability to flip our world upside down. Out of this remarkably confronting, powerful story he has taken this setback as a challenge, and how we as humans can choose the response.

His approach to issues, stress and the unexpected is refreshing and honest and will hopefully provide the audiences with a new perspective to take into their own lives.

John maguire

John Maguire

John Maguire is a public speaker and media professional with 35 years’ experience in broadcast television. John has spoken about mental wellness to tens of thousands of Australians within businesses, government departments, community groups, sporting clubs and even prison.

John is highly passionate about mental health recovery because he has been through it. He has struggled with depression for nearly two decades. With his marriage on the line, John sought professional support, the start of a productive journey that has brought him much relief and happiness.

Jeremy forbes

Jeremy Forbes

Jeremy is a trade qualified painter, decorator with over 25 years experience in the building and construction industry. Along ‘the journey’ he has witnessed too many ‘Tradies’ struggle to confront their own mental health as they navigate the highs and lows of what is a very tough industry to work in.

Throughout the years, Jeremy worked alongside too many tradies who lost their lives to a cause that is preventable - Suicide. Jeremy Forbes decided – ENOUGH WAS ENOUGH.

In Jeremy’s powerful talk attendees will learn how we can listen and have the tough conversations that can help our workmates better deal with mind health challenges.

Alf priestley

Alf Priestley
Financial Fitness

Alf Priestley has spent over 25 years advising CEO’s, business owners and professionals on building better ways to shape one’s life around their purpose or their personal “why?”.

We know that it is life’s triggers that can bring on stress, anxiety or depression. One of the most common causes —financial distress — can be debilitating to your mind and physical wellbeing.

“It’s not what happens to you in life, it is what you do about it.”

Alf’s no-nonsense approach to financial fitness starts with lifestyle design and execution, through to financial integration and enhanced daily quality of life.

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What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

The Invigor Wellbeing program is brilliant! I like to explain their support for our people as ‘taking your mind to the gym’. The feedback from the Toyota team was fantastic.
Trevor Greer — Toyota Australia

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