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Mind Health Program

A 12 month program that seriously addresses the mental health of your people.

Tailored to meet the needs of your people, the Mind Health Program will help you invigorate your team, providing them with strategies and tips to be happier and healthier.

The benefits of a happier, healthier workplace

  • greater productivity
  • higher performance
  • increased job satisfaction
  • increased social inclusion
  • lower absenteeism rates
  • a connected workforce


We tailor with your people a program delivered over 12 months to build better mind and physical wellbeing within your people, in the process helping nurture a culture of care within your organisation.

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    Your team members gain access to your tailored and branded web portal containing workshops, tips, tools and resources.

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    Introductory Video

    Powerful messaging to launch the program by your CEO and Anthony Hart – Invigor Wellbeing CEO.

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    Opening Story

    Delivered by Anthony Hart, or a powerful lived-experience speaker, engages your team right from the start, and helps them set a path to becoming happier and healthier.

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    Where the rubber hits the road – our experienced facilitators present around the four steps to better mind health, sharing insights, experience and advice.

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    Mind Health Champions

    With your leadership group we select industry aligned mind health champions, in the format of powerfully delivered insight videos sharing experience, insights and advice with your people.

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    Experts in their Field

    Our Experts deliver tailored, motivating talks on subjects relevant to you and your team.

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Your team can access your Program from any device – anywhere, anytime.

Your Program Portal works as a Web App, easily accessed from a computer or phone. It’s password protected so you control who accesses your tailored program.

Here’s how your Portal will look…

Mind Health Program

Powered by Invigor Wellbeing
XYZ Company manager

happier. healthier.

At XYZ we know our most valuable asset is our people. To continue to protect and enhance the work/​life experience for our team, we’ve worked with Invigor Wellbeing to develop this Mind Health Program.

The program is designed to build on a Culture of Care, to nurture the mind and physical health of our people, and provide our team with strategies, tips and resources to be happier and healthier.

John Smith

[ 1 minute ]

Watch this powerful introductory video featuring John Smith with Invigor Wellbeing’s Anthony Hart to learn more about the benefits of XYZ’s Mind Health Program.

Anthony Hart
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    2020 National winner Men’s Health Forum ‘Best Men’s Lived Experience Speaker’

  • Unisa icc white


    University of South Australia - Innovation & Collaboration Centre ‘People’s Choice Award’.
    Judged by Microsoft and Department of the Premier and Cabinet

An inspiring story

I’d reached a very low point, and made a significant attempt on my life. It was only sheer luck that saw me survive. After a long period of recovery, a new purpose emerged for me — and that was the start of Invigor Wellbeing’s journey.”

Anthony Hart
Founder, Invigor Wellbeing

Anthony’s experience inspired him to want to help prevent other people reaching that point.

[ 8 minutes ]

Mind Health Workshops

Four Steps to Better Mind Health

Real-experience speakers encourages reflection, participation and commitment, and will inspire you to discover more about how to build better mind and physical wellbeing.

1. Essentials

[ 30 minutes ]

2. Deep Dive

[ 120 minutes ]

Mind Health Champions

Mind Health Champions are individuals and leaders in our community who are willing to share times in their life when things’ didn’t go to plan’, and importantly, share the 3 things they did to get their life back on track – defining moments that shaped their futures.

Graeme Goodings

TV Personality

Graeme enjoyed a stellar 20 year career with Channel 7, reporting on some of the biggest stories in the world until a sudden moment in 2004 turned his life upside down. After enjoying a fabulous job and having just the most beautiful family without a care in the world, in the stroke of one moment, Graeme was wondering whether he would live to see his children grow up. He talks openly through his battle with a life-threatening illness, and the steps he took to better his chances of survival.

Andrew 'Cosi' Costello

Radio and TV Personality

Radio Personality, South Aussie with Cosi TV Presenter is a positive guy, who lives by the motto ‘It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that matters’. Cosi shares some of his most challenging moments, but more importantly how he over those ‘hurdles and challenge’s. In his ‘eyebrows up’ approach to life, this guy's uncanny ability to relate to everybody is his special talent.

Wayne Phillips

Australian Test Cricketer, TV Sports Personality

One of Australia’s most exciting Test Cricketers, from the heights of playing for his country representing the sport he loved, cricket, Wayne openly shares the 3 life’s ups and downs that had an impact on his own mind and physical wellbeing. Wayne shares his enlightening road back to recovery in his own vulnerable and amiable style.

Experts in their Field

Our Experts deliver motivating talks on subjects relevent to their particular expertise. They share amazing stories or advice that in some cases can change peoples lives.

Sam Doyle
Sleep Expert

Sam Doyle has had over 25 year’s experience working across medical industry sector, working with thousands of people with a goal to improve their sleep. Getting a decent night sleep is way more important than what we think. We know that we feel ‘so much better’ after we have had four- or five-night’s sleep under our belt, but just hoping for this not enough, we must take charge of our situation and commit to taking the necessary steps to achieve better hygiene.

Sam will walk you through what sleep is, how great sleep aids our health and wellbeing and the common lumps and bumps that people have in relation to their sleep. Sam will share her tips to achieving a great night sleep and talk about the signs that you may need to ‘call in the cavalry’ for help, and where you might go to get help.

Nicole James
Nutrition & Gut Health

Nicole James is an expert in the field of nutrition. She has over 20 years’ experience in the medical and health industry. Nicole is passionate about educating people on the importance of understanding what you are eating and the benefits of nutrition for improving health and preventing disease. Audiences will leave educated about food and the role it plays in living a happier, healthier life.

Mind Health Resources

Mind Health Action Plan

Complete this plan now so you’re ready to deal with any times you’re feeling anxious or stressed.


Spot the 7 Signs

Learn how spotting 3 or 4 of the following signs can mean someone might be struggling with poor mind health.



Learn a simple way to check-in with a friend or colleague about how they’re feeling mentally.


Help your GP help you

Our tool to help you openly and honestly communicate with your GP, to describe how your thinking, feeling and behaving.


Lifeback tracker

Wellbeing App

Our mobile app, The Lifeback Tracker, helps you track, measure, analyse and encourages you to act on the four key steps to better mind and physical health.

Download free now...

  1. Talk
  2. Exercise
  3. Drinking & drugs
  4. Sleep

XYZ Company Resources

Employee Assistance Program

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Company Procedures

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh eu.


Do you need to discuss anything with us?

Stock woman

At XYZ we want to protect and enhance the work/​life experience for our team.

If you would like to discuss anything affecting your experience at XYZ please contact in confidence:

Mary Alexander
XYZ People & Culture

XYZ Company
Powered by Invigor Wellbeing
happier. healthier.
The portal is accessed by a unique URL and personalised with your own branding.
We tailor your portal with an introduction from someone in your organisation.
We create a powerful video delivered by your leader/CEO introducing the program to your people.
This powerful video of Anthony Hart sharing his compelling story will create a high level of engagement with your people.
Two engaging workshops presented by Invigor's lived-experience speakers.
Our Mind Health Champions deliver short powerful insight videos sharing how they overcame life's challenges.
We facilitate face-to-face workshops and online content from "Experts in their Field", in response to topics your people are wanting to learn more about.
Included are valuable tips, tools, and resources your people can use to help them become happier and healthier.
Our free Wellbeing App Lifeback Tracker – cleverly helping you track 4 steps to better mind health.
Include any company resources for easy download by your people.
You can add a personalised contact message and photo.

The benefits of a happier, healthier workplace

  • greater productivity
  • higher performance
  • increased job satisfaction
  • increased social inclusion
  • lower absenteeism rates
  • a connected workforce

Ongoing Review

Throughout the year we regularly review that the program elements, processes and delivery are optimised to maintain and drive a Culture of Care with your people. In the final stages of the year we’ll work with you to formulate the next 12 months program.

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Making a difference

What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

It’s far too easy for workplaces to talk about the importance of mind (mental) health, but fail to follow through and provide a meaningful and sustainable program that can provide effective outcomes. Anthony Hart’s story is incredibly powerful and compelling, but that’s only part of the value of the Invigor Wellbeing Program. We made the decision to roll out the program for our staff who work in an incredibly challenging sector (disability and health services) because of the value we saw in investing in tools and resources that could be easily adopted by our team and for them to be able to lead a collective commitment to mind health as an integral part of our culture.
Peter Stewart — PQSA & HomeCare+

Find out more about who we’ve partnered with and hear about the difference we’ve made.

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