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5 October 2021

Anthony Hart and the team at Invigor Wellbeing have been busy, hosting and facilitating excellent conversations aimed at breaking down the Mind Health barriers Australians face every day.

To find out more about the latest news, please click the link below to take you to Anthony Harts portal.

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ACMA of SA - Looking out for your Mates

25 June 2021

AMCA SA hosted “Look out for your Mates” – an event which focused on raising awareness and education on mental health as part of Men’s Health Week. AMCA SA and Invigor Wellbeing founder Anthony Hart, discussed the importance of ensuring we feel comfortable in discussing the subject of mental health, that we band together and provide the support to each other, not only for men but for women also.

You can see by the attendance, and high level of attendee participation that members were very keen to hear abvout ways they as an industry can build better mind health amongst their fellow workers.

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Outback Communities Authority - Gawler Ranges/Far North SA Roadshow

30 March 2021
Initiated by the Outback Communities Authority, this Better Mind Health Community Roadshow was funded through by Mark Shirley through a grant secured from Ski for Life. The goal of this tailored initiative was to educate and provide an awareness campaign around mind and physical wellbeing in the Gawler Ranges and Far North.
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Global Maintenance USG Conference

20 October 2020
Held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, this was one of the first face-to-face conferences held after the COVID-19 lockdown. The theme was all about preventative planning, with Anthony presenting his powerful story and early intervention tool, Lifeback Tracker. Most attendees were from finance departments of South Australian Councils.
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