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Annual Mind Health Program

Invest in the future of your people today

We work with businesses, public agencies and communities to build a Culture of Care, nurturing the mind and physical health of their people.

Through continuous messaging over 12 months, we’ll help you invigorate your team, providing them with strategies and tips to be happier and healthier.

The Program

We work with you to SETUP, CREATE and MAINTAIN a program to help build better mind and physical wellbeing of your people.



The program shows your people that you’re making their health a priority.


First, we work with your leadership team to gain a deep understanding of your people and unique culture. This allows us to enrol your people into an annual Mind Health Program specifically tailored to the needs of your people.

As part of the program we’ll introduce them to our mobile app that will connect them to key mind and physical health measures, guides and tips.

Everyone throughout your organisation will feel they’re part of a club aimed at building a Culture of Care.

$63 per person / per year

Powerful Introductory Video

Delivered by your CEO/​Program Leader and Anthony Hart — Invigor Wellbeing CEO




We’ll work with you to create the program that best fits the needs of your people.

Presentation + Q&A Session

Anthony Hart shares his compelling story and answers your team’s questions.

$1500 — $3500 plus costs

Invigor Mind Health Workshops

Invigor’s real-experience speakers’ compelling presentations around Four Steps To Better Mind Health

Choice of 30 minute Essentials or 2 hour Deep Dive.

$1500 — $3500 plus costs

App Development Contribution

We’ll discuss how your financial contribution to this development can ensure the app will continue to support your team’s mind and physical wellbeing.

$TBA based on team size



We’ll ensure you and your people maximise the benefits of the program.

Mind Health Champions
Insights Videos

Secure the expertise of our industry aligned Mind Health Champions. Choose from and share their pre-recorded insights, experience and advice with your team members

Up to 100 members — $2400/​year

101 – 250 members — $3600/​year

251 – 500 members — $4800/​year

501+ members — $8400/​year

Refocus Team Building Events

Mind health is such an important issue in our workplaces and living envirionments that we recommend dedicating 4 days of the year to refocus on the issue. These days coincide with the four seasons of the year.

Our Experts are engaged to re-energise the mind health program by delivering tailored motivating talks on subjects selected by you – our client. 

$2000 — $3000

Ongoing review

Throughout the year we regularly review that the program elements, processes and delivery are optimised to maintain and drive a Culture of Care with your people. In the final stages of the year we’ll work with you to formulate the next 12 months program.


We’ll work with you to design the program that fits your needs and your budgets. All costs are indicative, exclude GST.

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Making a difference

What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

It’s far too easy for workplaces to talk about the importance of mind (mental) health, but fail to follow through and provide a meaningful and sustainable program that can provide effective outcomes. Anthony Hart’s story is incredibly powerful and compelling, but that’s only part of the value of the Invigor Wellbeing Program. We made the decision to roll out the program for our staff who work in an incredibly challenging sector (disability and health services) because of the value we saw in investing in tools and resources that could be easily adopted by our team and for them to be able to lead a collective commitment to mind health as an integral part of our culture.
Peter Stewart — PQSA & HomeCare+

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