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Inspiring Australians to take care of
their mind and physical wellbeing

We work with businesses, public agencies and communities to build a Culture of Care, nurturing the mind and physical health of their people. We can help you invigorate your people, providing them with strategies and tips to be happier and healthier.

Inspiring, positive, practical

Invigor Wellbeing educate people to treat their mind health just as seriously as they would their physical wellbeing. We help them to identify and take early action to health challenges before they can escalate into serious issues.

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Invigor Wellbeing’s story is woven into the life journey of our founder, Anthony Hart

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I’d reached a very low point, and made a significant attempt on my life. It was only sheer luck that saw me survive. After a long period of recovery, I realised I had almost lost my life to a mind health” issue that wasn’t taken seriously. A new purpose emerged for me — and that was the start of Invigor Wellbeing’s journey.”

During his recovery Anthony discovered four powerful steps that helped him get his life back on track, and inspired him to help prevent other people reaching the same low point.

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    Reduce Alcohol

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Anthony’s experience inspired him to want to help prevent other people reaching that point.

Anthony’s high impact, deeply personal story cuts through in a way that other speakers are unable to do.

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    2020 National winner Men’s Health Forum ‘Best Men’s Lived Experience Speaker’

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    University of South Australia - Innovation & Collaboration Centre ‘People’s Choice Award’.
    Judged by Microsoft and Department of the Premier and Cabinet

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Our programs

Invigor Wellbeing creates mind and physical wellbeing programs that are right for our clients, their people, and the times we’re living in.

  • Employees

    • Safer, more supported culture
    • Workmate-aware environments
    • Happy to share and support
    • Healthier home lives
  • Businesses

    • Stronger, positive workplaces 
    • Lower absenteeism levels
    • Better safety standard
    • Increased productivity
  • Communities

    • Improved awareness
    • Proactive intervention
    • Stronger social relationships 
    • Reduced social challenges
  • Annual Mind Health Program

    The program that unites employers with employees by building a shared ‘Culture of Care’, nurturing the mind and physical of participants.

    learn more
  • Our Speakers

    Our ‘Mind Health Champions’ and ‘Experts in their fields’ share redefining life moments. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that matters.

    learn more
  • Workshops

    Experiences that encourage reflection, participation and commitment, and inspire attendees to discover more about how to build better mind and physical wellbeing.

    learn more
  • Regional Wellbeing Events

    Roadshow packages that take our message and the key elements of our programs into country Australia and rural communities.

    learn more
  • Toolbox

    Early intervention tools to help you build better mind and physical wellbeing.

    learn more
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Mind Health Champions

It’s not what happens to you, its what you do about it’.

We have brought to you, the lived experience of prominent Australians sharing powerful stories, defining life moments where their own Mental health was tested, and hear the things they did to draw a line in the sand and build better their Mind and Physical Wellbeing’.

Quick small chunk size take away learnings for the benefit of your team and their families. By hearing vulnerable stories, and seeing how others overcame their life challenge, these short powerful videos will strike a cord with your people.

Andrew Cosi’ Costello

Radio Personality, South Aussie with Cosi TV Presenter is a positive guy, who lives by the motto It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do about it that matters’. Cosi shares some of his most challenging moments, but more importantly how he over those hurdles and challenge’s. In his eyebrows up’ approach to life, this guy’s uncanny ability to relate to everybody is his special talent.

Hear from more of our Mind Health Champions.

Making a difference

What our customers say about Invigor Wellbeing…

Invigor Wellbeing’s inspiring, positive and practical message is extremely important. It must be shared for the benefit of everyone, and our society in general.
Peter Bray — RAA Group
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